Electronic Votive Candle units

Electronic Votive Candle free standing units are available in 3 standard size.
Model 0034E - (34 lights), Model 0045E (45 lights) and Model 0060E (60 lights). Other sizes are available on request.
Our stands are manufactured in Oak, Mahogany or Beech MDF with solid trim and brass shelves. Choice of lamp colours White/ Blue/Red. Glass lamps, coin box and base with castors are optional. 
Wall mounted units are available to order. These are made to fit your size requirements. 
The lights are triggered by a push button and extinguish themselves after around 1 hour. The system is 240v - 12v with a consumption of 0.1 amp per light (so 1 amp per 10 lights). A 34 light unit is 3.4 amps and has a 5 amp 240 - 12v PSU.  Optional LED bulbs are also available.
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