About us:
Belltron is a world leading brand name established in the early 1980's to produce digital systems specifically for use in the Church market. Gunning & Kavanagh established trading links with Belltron in the mid 1980's and became a main distributor covering Ireland and UK. In 2003 Belltron Ireland & UK Ltd. was incorporated and today distributes the Belltron brand throughout these islands. With almost 40 years experience together, we offer solutions to individual churches requirements. In particular bell ringing systems (for both real bells and digital bells) along with Church Streaming, PA systems, Digital Organ, Electronic Votive Candle  units etc. etc.. Click a link above to open a relevant page.


Belltron Ireland & UK Ltd. / Gunning & Kavanagh Church Supplies
17 Old Rd., Dundrum, Co. Down BT33 0NH
Tel: 028 4375 1504 Fax: 028 4375 1807 - Mob:UK 077 1061 0985 ROI 083 025 2483 - email: info@belltron.co.uk - Facebook: Gunning and Kavanagh